Hello. I am a solo developer who is bootstraping this project from the ground up, so things might take a little time until the product has it's first prototype(mid-end January).

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The story and what the product is(TL;DR: I got frustrated by my sales inabilities and thought that I should make a sales tool specifically for programmers)

"So after shutting Effectivenezz down, even though at that time I believed in it, I thought that maybe I should start freelancing.

But before continuing on that I want to say that most probably Effectivenezz failed because of my sales abilities. I worked and refined the s*it out of that product, but I haven't spent 1 hour doing some basic marketing

Because I didn't know where to start, and I was afraid, maybe as much as you are about sales if you are a programmer.

And that led me to try doing freelancing. I was already working at a gig that I got by pure luck, and I thought, why not expand more. I started reading articles upon articles of freelancing material. But none solved my biggest problem. Where and how do I get my first client. Just the idea of creating that spreadsheet and go around the internet searching for businesses that I didn't know, heck, didn't know where and how to find them terrified me. And I quit.

After this event I got frustrated and I said to go back to building a business. But I haven't thought of a problem to solve. Until it hit me."